The Mind of a Chef

Chef David Chang, along with his friends, explore, explain and enjoy food from around the world.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - The Mind of a Chef
"Korean-American Author and Chef David Chang visits a noodle factory in Japan, eats the best bowl of ramen in his life, and cooks two incredible dishes with the instant ramen variety. Food Scientist Harold McGee explains how alkaline salts make ramen noodles unique."
"In San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, David Chang discusses pork bushi and prepares pork belly and tonkotsu. Later, he and comedian Aziz Ansari head to Montreal to enjoy a fried bologna sandwich at Wilensky's."
"David Chang revisits his favorite dishes from childhood and reflects upon summer eating, his time in Japan and golf."
"This episode is all about Spain\u2019s influence on Chang\u2019s career. He visits with some of his idols- Juan Mari Arzak and Andoni Aduriz, makes fideos, salt cod omelet and a sponge cake from chef Albert Adria."
"There is something rotten in David Chang\u2019s kitchen and that\u2019s a good thing. Rotten is delicious; katsuibushi in Japan, XO sauce, rotten bananas with Chef Christina Tosi, and Kimchi."
"Chang hangs out with one of his best friends- who happens to be the world\u2019s top chef- Rene Redzepi."
"Dishes in this episode are deceivingly simple; Chang travels to Japan for some Yakitori and high-end sushi, and his pal Daniel Patterson makes beets."
"It\u2019s gluttonous goodness in this episode; over the top indulgence with Joe Beef chefs Federic Morin and David McMillian\u2019s fois gras sandwich, a whiskey tasting Mayhem with Chef Sean Brock at Buffalo Trace in Kentucky and the classic dish Hot Brown served up three ways."
"Chang makes eggs with his chef pals; Wylie Dufresne, Daniel Patterson, Rene Redzepi, and makes his Ko egg."
"Chang travels to Tokyo and Kyoto where he visits a street market and Kikunoi, a Michelin three-star restaurant."
"This episode is all New York with the Torrsi boys, oysters, carrot dashi, and farming. Plus Chang visits native New Yorker Ivan Ramen in Tokyo where he is making ramen that is taking the city by storm."
"This episode explores the idea of fresh in the kitchen; instant broth, pea agnollini, fresh and aged steak with Chef Tien and Ike Jime with Dave Arnold and Chef Murata in Kyoto."
"This episode is all soy; Chang visits tofu and miso factories in Japan, Chef Christina Tosi makes Burnt Miso."
"Chang\u2019s prot\u00e9g\u00e9 Christina Tosi makes corn cookies three ways and her three layered Arnold Palmer Cake, Chef Burns makes ice cream and Chang goes strawberry picking."
"Chang profiles regional BBQ in North Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City plus the other-worldly smoky bacon from Allen Benton in Tennessee."
"Chang cooks and goofs around with his friends; Peter Meehan in Japan, Laurant Gras, Set Bains, and Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen."
Season 2 - The Mind of a Chef
"A spotlight on the regional variations of southern cuisine. Chef Steven Satterfield makes okra and grits. Chef John Currence makes tamales. Chef Ed Lee creates a dish using bourbon, sorghum and country ham. Pastry chef Lisa Donavan makes a buttermilk pie. New host Sean Brock is joined by the Lee Brothers to make deviled crab"
"It all began when Sean Brock went looking for Jimmy red corn. That simple journey turned into a lifetime of searching, archiving and reviving lost crops of the South. His partners in crime are legendary owner and operator of Anson Mills, Glen Roberts, and University of South Carolina professor David Shields \u2014 a trifecta of seed nerds hell-bent on preserving Southern food heritage."
"The resurrection of Carolina gold rice, which disappeared following the Civil War era, is examined. Included: making pilaf and Hoppin' John fritters. Also: Louisiana chef Donald Link makes jambalaya; and Senegalese chef Fati Ly makes pilau."
"A look at Louisiana cuisine features a visit to Middendorf's Restaurant in Akers, La., with food writer John T. Edge; and a frogging excursion with chef Donald Link."
"Preservation techniques that play an important role in Southern culture are discussed, including drying, salt-curing, canning and fermentation."
"Host Sean Brock prepares a typical Appalachian dinner; cooks chicken dumplings with his mother; visits with chef Joseph Lenn at Blackberry Farms in Tennessee; and learns how to make fried okra and country ham."
"Host Sean Brock prepares an outdoor feast on a friend's farm, where he's joined by barbecue pitmaster Rodney Scott, who roasts a whole pig; and Steven Satterfield, who makes Savannah red rice. Brock also prepares frogmore stew"
"The influence of West Africa on Southern cuisine is explored during a visit to Senegal. Historian and chef Fati Ly leads a tour of the markets in Dakar and M'Bour; and cooks theibou yapp, a traditional Sengalese dish."
Season 3 - The Mind of a Chef
"Ed returns to his roots in East Brooklyn and the eclectic mix of cuisines that inspired how he cooks today."
"Head to Houston, Texas, where a sweat-inducing crawfish dinner exemplifies how flavors can blend together to create an entirely new American cuisine."
"Travel with Ed to the foothills of the Andes to explore the most elemental part of cooking: fire."
"From the smokehouse to the plate, see why country ham is one of Ed\u2019s favorite ingredients from the Bluegrass State."
"What grows together, goes together. Ed explores combining the food of different cultures as culinary borders disappear."
"The more things change\u2026 the more they continue to change. Explore the ephemeral with Ed as he tries his hand at cooking alternative meats."
"Ed tends bar and serves up a tentacled dish for actress and bourbon-lover Aisha Tyler."
"Explore the ways that the Scandinavian people have survived winter through the practice of preservation and aging with Chef Magnus Nilsson."
"After a long winter, the arrival of spring awakens the delicate flavors of young herbs. The sun remains perched in the sky until midnight, the temperature climbs, and life returns to the once snow-covered landscape. This episode takes advantage of this brief window of time to explore the ingredients of spring in Sweden."
"When Chef Nilsson develops a dish at F\u00e4viken, he pays careful attention to the unique properties of an ingredient. Through research and recipe testing, the components of a dish are combined with the aim of preserving their natural quintessence. \u201cThe Creation of a Dish\u201d follows the life cycle of an ingredient as it transforms from an idea into a dish at his restaurant."
"Return with Magnus to France, a place that had a profound impact on his culinary career."
"Examine how the bonds of tradition help to forge the identities of families and individuals."
"Explore how seasons affect a restaurant\u2019s menu when the food is sourced in a 100-mile radius."
"Chef Magnus Nilsson's efforts to document and preserve Nordic traditions are detailed including a visit to the Faroe Islands."
"A day in the life of chef Magnus Nilsson as he and the F\u00e4viken staff prepare for dinner. The routine starts early, as Nilsson forages for spruce branches for his scallop dish and ends late, as every detail of the dinner is meticulously choreographed and executed."
Season 4 - The Mind of a Chef
"With every chipped plate and hand-written to-do list, Gabrielle Hamilton\u2019s \u201cpresence\u201d is all over her NYC restaurant, Prune."
"Having been raised in a large family with many mouths to feed, to then needing to fend for herself from a very young age, Gabrielle Hamilton is the master of utilizing scraps."
"Explore Gabrielle\u2019s deep love with this ancient city."
"From a very young age, Gabrielle Hamilton was left alone in her home to fend for herself. She rummaged through what was left in the pantry and refrigerator and satisfied her hunger with what she could scavenge. At 16, she moved to New York City where she used her jar of change to feed herself. All her experiences with hunger made her the chef she is today."
"It\u2019s an age-old saying, but where you have been is almost as important as where you are going and ultimately makes you who you are today. Gabrielle Hamilton has traveled the country and the world, but sometimes, it\u2019s good to go back to your roots."
"Surviving the restaurant game for 15 years in New York City takes some major hustle. From lying about her age to get her first dishwasher gig to lying about her tips, getting busted and charged with grand larceny, hustling was the easy part in running a restaurant for Gabrielle Hamilton."
"Milan is a meeting ground of both contemporary and classic Italian culture. But what really entices Gabrielle Hamilton are the small details, an embroidered curtain, a classically non-garnished plate, a perfectly folded napkin."
"Gabrielle looks long and hard at how she has evolved not only as a chef, but as a writer and restaurant owner."
"Things can change in an instant, as David discovered in July of 2014, when he got a fateful call that his restaurant Manresa had burned nearly to the ground."
"Food is evolution, and wise chefs never forget from whence they came. A solid foundation allows them to test new boundaries and push things to new limits."
"Nothing is more calming or inspiring than the sea, and living in Santa Cruz, David is never far from one of his many muses."
"A dish is only as good as its ingredients, but an ingredient can also be manipulated in many ways. In this episode, David focuses his attention to the strawberry, at the height of its season during production, to celebrate the summer favorite."
"For Chef David Kinch, balance in life is as important as balance in a dish. And seeking that balance means walking away form the bustle of the line and demands of running the restaurant."
"Diners these days can be pickier than ever, and they seem to have no problem telling a chef how to do his or her job. Allergies, self-diagnosed sensitivities and customer \u201cdislikes\u201d have become the bane of several chefs\u2019 existence."
"When your first restaurant job is Commander\u2019s Palace in New Orleans, you are inevitably destined for great things. As a high school student in New Orleans, David\u2019s eyes were opened by the glamorous Crescent City institution, and a long career in cuisine followed."
"A perfect tasting menu relies on balance, and on not fatiguing a customer\u2019s palate. Based on that theory, no meal should be more than 25 bites."
Season 5 - The Mind of a Chef
"From the NYC classic egg on a roll to Faroe Island fulmar egg and curry, re-fall in love with the best egg dishes from our archives. Crack it open, and let the fun begin."
"It takes a great chef to make a great chef. This episode is all about paying homage to the greatest culinary minds in the world. Fergus Henderson, Eric Ripert, Pascal Barbot and more spend some quality time cooking with our alumni."
"When it comes to preparations, few could be as delightful and decadent as a good, old-fashioned deep fry. We dip THE MIND OF A CHEF basket in hot oil, serving up everything from oyster poboys to pig\u2019s head, from alligator filets to sardine spines."
"How does a chef trained in the finest kitchens of France translate his haute cuisine to fast food? Ludo\u2019s obsession with a perfectly cooked bird can be traced back to France, where he learned to roast chicken, and his love for the American classic was solidified when he ate at KFC for the first time."
"Trois Mec and Petit Trois can be found side-by-side in a Hollywood strip mall, nestled between a dry cleaners and a Yum Yum donut. Ludo\u2019s restaurants and the dishes he creates for them embody the cultural mash-up and high\/low flair that is the strip mall philosophy."
"Ludo came up under mentors like Alain Passard and Mark Meneau, chefs with an almost pathological obsession with ingredients. His eyes light up when he describes the Lobsters of Brittany, the Oysters from Cancale, and the myriad of other extraordinary culinary jewels in the oceanic bounty of France."
"Today\u2019s chef reveres his gardener as much as his butcher. Ludo explores the vegetables, gardens, and memories he uses to cook some of his dishes."
"The demands of a celebrity chef, especially one that runs three vibrant restaurants and a fried chicken franchise, are rigorous. When Ludo needs to escape the chaos, he heads to the lilting and poetic world of Paris in the spring, where the emphasis is placed on the joy and fun of life."
"A bistro is typically defined by its modesty \u2013 they are relatively small, affordable and humble. With Petit Trois, Ludo\u2019s has brought the spirit of the bistro to Los Angeles. In this episode, Ludo brings us back to Paris to introduce us to some of the people and places that first inspired him to begin a culinary career."
"Does an artist follow instinct, training or intuition\u2026or perhaps all three? This episode examines the ties between artists and their education, and how childlike wonder can, in fact, translate into a career."
"Ludo began his US career cooking at Los Angeles restaurant Bastide, but after it closed for renovations he opted not to return and instead chose to do things his way. Borrowing a friend\u2019s bakery space, Ludo created a unique dining experience in the form of small, reservations-only, \u201cchef\u2019s choice\u201d dinners that became known as LudoBites."