Stuck in the Middle

Teenager Harley Diaz maneuvers her way through the bustle of being a middle child in a family with six other siblings.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Stuck in the Middle
"Avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time."
"Harley's parents forget her birthday, so she devises a plan to use their guilt as a way to get the ultimate birthday gift."
"To raise money to replace her family's broken tablet, Harley decides to rent out the family's couch to a foreign exchange student."
"When Harley procrastinates on finishing her Science project, it inadvertently leads to the WIFI going out, leading her entire family to head out to the movies."
"Harley decided she's going to create an activity for the annual block party but struggles to find the perfect idea."
"Harley uses her creativity to convince her dad to hire her at his marina store. Once there, she unveils her newest invention, the \"slushinator.\""
"Instead of including the rest of her siblings, Harley decides to go solo on her Mother's Day Gift idea."
"Harley decides to host an outdoor slumber party so she can watch a passing comet with all of her friends."
"When Dad goes out of town, Harley must find her mom a new friend after she becomes overly clingy."
"When Rachel\u2019s boyfriend Cuff decides to make himself at home in the Diaz house, Harley tries to find a way to get him out."
"With basketball season over, Harley helps Georgie secure a spot on the golf team. Meanwhile, mom puts the kids up to a cooking challenge when they complain about her food."
"When their parents take off for the weekend, Harley and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Rachel uses Harley's help to make her friends jealous"
"Harley's latest invention is the HarleyCar, a pedicab that can transport kids all over town. But when Ethan becomes an investor, Harley is forced to share the bike with him"
"Harley and Ethan set out to prove Daphne isn\u2019t as innocent as she seems."
"Harley needs to get to Boston for an inventor's contest, but with dad away and mom busy with the rest of the kids, Harley is forced to turn to Rachel for help."
"The whole family chips in to give Georgie a last minute quincea\u00f1era, while Lewie and Beast track a hurricane headed their way."
"The Diaz family is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to star in their own reality show."
Season 2 - Stuck in the Middle
"The Diaz family jumps in, slides down and wades right into the metaphorical deep end of a family vacation when Harley's winning invention scores the family a free trip to a waterpark."
"Harley and Ethan make a TV commercial for their dad's store."
"Things go awry for the Diaz kids during school picture day."
"Harley\u2019s Slushy Shack faces new competition which escalates into a full-scale slushy war."
"The Diaz kids team up to save their family holiday traditions from disappearing."
"After discovering a shocking truth about Beast's birthday, Harley throws him an epic party that causes a rift between the twins."
"The kids must entertain themselves for an entire weekend without using technology or devices."
"Harley, Rachel, Georgie and Ethan attend their school spring formal dance, while Lewie and Beast camp out at home in the backyard."
Season 3 - Stuck in the Middle
"Harley rallies her siblings and parents to take a trip to Florida to celebrate Christmas with their abuela, but in true Diaz fashion, things go awry. One rerouted flight, an unintended pit stop and a damaged rockstar tour bus later, the Diazes find themselves stranded in a small town without phones, credit cards or money, where they must compete with the town residents in an \u201cIron Elf\u201d competition to get their bus repaired and make it to Abuela\u2019s in time for Christmas."
"When Rachel apparently misses out on an incredible educational opportunity, her sisters are suspicious of how well she takes the news. Meanwhile, Ethan cashes in on his experience of living with four sisters by landing a job."
"As the Diazes cope with their new family dynamics, Ethan reluctantly asks his sisters for advice on girls."
"As Harley tries to raise money, by running a day camp for the neighborhood kids, in the Diaz backyard, she finds herself distracted by the new neighbor, Ellie's irritating cousin, Aiden."
"Harley and Suzy come up with a new way to get along with their neighbors."
"Georgie enlists Harley's help to break up with Wyatt."
"Harley's latest invention causes havoc in science class."
"When the Bait N' Bite is robbed, the Diaz children use their resources to track down the culprit."
"Under Abuela's watch for the weekend, the Diaz kids are committed to making her visit disaster-free, that is, until Harley learns that Ethan spilled her deepest secret."
"The Diaz family delivers a luxury yacht, living it up until they dock at the port next to the dreaded Pillman family."
"When Georgie fails to make the basketball team, Harley helps her cultivate a new passion instead."
"Harley goes all out to convince popular neighborhood blogger, Shane Coleman, to feature Ethan's latest film project about Zombies."
"Harley learns that her opportunity to meet one of her scientific heroes depends upon her ability to rein in Daphne. Meanwhile, Ethan faces some hard decisions in forming a band for the Marshport Seafood Festival."
"Harley build an escape room in an effort to bond with her siblings."
"As the Diazes visit Boston, Harley and the twins go to a wrestling event, while Suzy and Georgie scheme to get Rachel's name on TV."
"After scheming and plotting to uncover the perfect gift for a certain someone, Harley is dismayed that the recipient is less than enthusiastic upon receiving the result."
"When the family car rolls into the garage and causes severe damage, Tom and Suzy look for a culprit; Ethan and Harley don't have alibis, so they head to Diaz Court."
"Harley discovers that the confusing circumstances surrounding the time she was born literally cost her dad the vehicle of his dreams, now more than fifteen years later, she attempts to rectify the situation on his birthday."
"Ellie volunteers to be the videographer at Harley's upcoming quinceanera, except she does not have a good track record."
"It's quince day! Harley enlists the help of the Littles to tackle what's left of her Buck-Kid List before she becomes an official adult."