500 Questions

Competitors answer questions against other geniuses to win money.

Director: Mark Burnett , Mike Darnell

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - 500 Questions
"An attorney and a neuroscientist face off in this intense test of knowledge, where the toughest question of all is, can either of them answer 500 questions."
"It\u2019s night two on the toughest game ever devised. Two geniuses continue to face off on the road to 500 questions, and the pressure begins to mount."
"As the reigning genius continues his journey to answering 500 questions, the challenger continues to try and knock their opponent off."
"It\u2019s night four, and the questions are not getting any easier. Will the reigning genius continue on the road to 500 questions, or will they succumb to the pressure."
"More than halfway down the road to 500 questions and the geniuses continue to face off in the toughest game ever devised. It\u2019s night five on \u201c500 Questions.\u201d"
"It\u2019s night six, and the intellectual strength and stamina of the reigning genius continues to be put to the test. Will this person continue down the road, or will another genius take their place, on \u201c500 Questions.\u201d"
"It\u2019s the seventh and final night in this ultimate test of intellectual strength, strategy and stamina. The current reigning genius hopes to continue their journey to 500 questions in the face of a challenger who is actively ready to take their place, on the two-hour season finale of \u201c500 Questions.\u201d\n\n\t\t\t\t"
Season 2 - 500 Questions
"Season two kicks off with all-time greatest \u201cJeopardy!\u201d winner and best-selling author Ken Jennings entering the intellectual arena. Having won an impressive 74 times on \u201cJeopardy!\u201d and breaking American game show records along the way, how will Ken fare when he tackles the toughest game ever devised?"