Seeking Sister Wife - Season 2 Episode 6

Seeking Sister Wife documents the lives of three very unique families who are all in various phases of seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Episode: 6/26 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 4.8

Season 1 - Seeking Sister Wife
"April and Drew Briney celebrate a milestone anniversary while Angela and Auralee tend to the children; the Snowdens forge ahead with potential sister wife Joselyn; the Alldredges regroup after Melina doesn\u2019t show up and focus on Vanessa\u2019s pregnancy."
"Vanessa's pregnancy is in jeopardy and she faces a life threatening surgery. The Snowdens meet up with Joselyn to see if she will come clean about sleeping with Dimitri. The Brineys go camping in hopes of easing the tension amongst the three wives."
"The Alldredges' world is rocked by an unexpected phone call. Ashley Snowden proposes a new potential sister wife. The Brineys get some shocking news that threatens to tear them apart."
"April struggles with leaving Utah and threatens to tear the Briney family apart; the Snowdens decide whether to forge ahead with potential sister wife Jakira; the Alldredges find out Melina's decision."
Season 2 - Seeking Sister Wife
"The Snowdens and the Alldredges court a new sister wife; elsewhere, young newlyweds, the Winders, still have a plural marriage in secret; the McGees seek their first sister wife."
"Vanessa experiences life as a Snowden; the McGees tell their sons they want to seek a sister wife; the Winders go out in public as a trio for the first time; the Alldredges wonder if their potential sister wife, Jennifer, will show up on their date."
"The Alldredges\u2019 potential sister wife throws their courtship off track; Vanesa throws a curve ball at Dimitri on their date; the McGees move out of their camper for more space and privacy; the Winders take a public stand for their plural lifestyle."
"Surprises are in store when Jeff tells his wives about Jennifer's abrupt exit; Dimitri decides to introduce Vanessa to Ashley's mother without telling her; the McGees video chat with a potential sister wife; Sophie Winder's family visits."
"The McGees set ground rules for courting and intimacy and ask a potential sister wife to meet in-person; the Winders launch their online dating profile; the Snowdens decide to make a move that could impact Vanessa's life in a serious way."
"The Snowdens arrive in LA and hope their relationship with Vanessa will still work under one roof; the McGees nervously prep for Brandy's arrival; the Alldredges ask Jennifer to come for a visit; the Winders find a possible interest online."
"Vanessa and her sister clash over her choice to join a polygamist lifestyle; the Alldredges prepare for Jennifer's visit until Jeff gets a strange text message."
"A series following three families in various phases of adding a new sister wife to their lives."
"The Alldredges are shocked by Jennifer's mysterious behavior while the Winders finally video chat with a potential sister wife. Paige questions if this lifestyle is what she really wants, and the Snowdens prepare for Dimitri and Vanessa to be intimate."
"The Snowdens look toward the future after Dimitri and Vanessa become intimate, but Ashley surprises them with some news; Brandy reunites with the McGees; the Alldredges are shocked by the latest Jennifer news; the Winders discuss their future."
"Ashley and Dimitri Snowden are just a few days away from marrying Vanessa, but when their three families with their three big personalities all get together, everything can go wrong."
"The Alldredges, Snowdens, McGees, and Winders all meet for the first time to answer tough questions about each of their journeys in plural dating and take a deep dive together into the season\u2019s juiciest moments."
Season 3 - Seeking Sister Wife
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